The Economist Innovation Awards 2015


The Economist Events’ Innovation Awards & Summit 2015 was held in Hong Kong on October 14, 2015. This unique event explores new trends in business innovation and focuses on the challenges of innovating inside Asia’s established businesses. This year The Economist held the fourteenth annual Innovation Awards, the only awards presented by the newspaper. 

The Economist showcases creative individuals who dream up new ideas and turn them into reality. Since 2002, this initiative has recognised the work of the world's leading entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, scientists and innovators.

Shenzhen Fountain Corporation sponsored the Economist Innovation Award 2015 in the category Energy and the Environment. The winner’s for this year’s innovation award in the category Energy and the Environment are Elon Musk, CEO of TESLA Motors and JB Straubel, CTO of TESLA Motors.

Tesla Motor Company, nominated and sponsored by Fountain Corporation, awarded the "Energy and Environment Award"

The assistant CEO of Fountain Corporation is talking with the visiting guests

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